Wireless Networks

At Cane Technologies Group we will design a wireless infrastructure to meet any need. Do you need a secure access point for your office? A high speed commercial grade solution for demanding applications at your house? Do you need a large scale multi-site wireless deployment? We accommodate any need.

We provide commercial grade sourcing of wireless access points.

Design Point to Point wireless solutions to replace long haul traditional communications services. Including wireless ISDN PRI emulation, voice over IP, virtual FXS/FXO’s and many other types of circuits. This could save your organization thousands of dollars a month in infrastructure costs.

Design large scale multi-point wireless data and voice networks on both public and private frequencies.

Work with other vendors to secure tower leasing for your large scale applications.

Help you select hardware that meets all of your deployment and management requirements.

We also design in advanced features for your demanding needs. Advanced VLAN tagging and aggregation, edge routing, backhaul routing, VLAN authentication, content filtering, WAP load sharing and point hand-off.