The Case for Consulting

As consultants we always run into the same questions in each market we move into. They are logical things like “Why does my business need a consultant?” and “We already have vendors that consult for us why would we want to pay yet another vendor?” As business owners we understand your position on these questions so give us a quick opportunity to explain exactly where we fit into your organization.

Vendor Neutrality. We are not a Vendor.

As an independent consulting agency we have no vested interest in what equipment and services you buy or from whom. We are not connected to a contractual vendor chain or in the position to take residuals from the companies you ultimately buy your hardware and software from. What does this mean to you? It means we work for you. Our only interest is in finding you the most cost effective solutions for your problems.

My current equipment vendor does consulting, why do I need another consultant? Quite simply your current vendor is not a consultant working for you. Oh he may bill you for consulting to be sure but in reality he has contractual obligations that he has to meet with his suppliers. If you task him with solving a particular problem he will use equipment that meet his quota’s over finding better solutions 100% of the time. This doesn’t make him a bad vendor it just makes him a bad consultant option. Its sort of like letting Dodge pick out your next work vehicle, you need a van to deliver parts but instead they send you a shiny new Dodge viper. It does meet the basic needs of your request, 4 wheels moves around, is it really the most cost effective solution? This is the very nature of why you need a consultant that is not in a residual path to get the best possible solutions for your business at the lowest possible cost.

Experience. Other Environments.

So you ask yourself, hey I have fantastic internal IT people why can’t I just leverage them to find new technology and do this without a consultant. Great question! Internal IT staff as good as they may be have one serious limitation. They only ever see the infrastructure and systems that they are already working with and their visibility into new technology is very limited. It is true that you can spend money and send them to training and seminars and get some benefit on this issue. This experience level just doesn’t compare to a professional services consulting firm. As an independent set of eyes a consulting company gets to see many different network and systems designs at a very diverse set of locations and operating environments with vastly different delivery requirements. An internal IT department has to either have a very large R&D budget or has to take a hit and miss approach to acquisition of new technology and new equipment. In most cases the best they have at their fingertips is the ability to Google for new vendors or new hardware, do a little bit of online research and take their best guess as to what will work. Once they make a decision and a PO is cut they are pretty much stuck with what they selected if it works well or not. This can lead to a great many complications that could have been avoided with better insight from the start of the process. At best it can be an annoyance and at worst it can lead to costly and unnecessary increased service fees, maintenance overhead and additional head count.


We work for you. We do what is best for your organization with no limitations. We select the best most cost effective technology to get you out of the vendor finger pointing game. We put you back in the business of doing what you do best, making money.