So you’re interested in getting in contact with us, excellent!

Want to ask us a question about your network design? Want to schedule a meeting to determine your future options for IT upgrades? Want help planning an implementation window? Want to just call and say hi? Just want to call and tell us how much you hate consultants? Well choose your method below we very much look forward to hearing what you have to say and are excited to provide you with insight, rebuttal, solutions or at the very least entertainment.

Cane Technology Group utilizes virtual offices at multiple locations. Our staff work from home, on the road, at customer locations and anywhere we are needed. We do not have brick and mortar locations as it does not lend itself to the flexible nature of our work. You may reach our staff at the phone numbers and email addresses listed below. Additionally you can send all physical correspondence to our corporate mailing address. We have had physical office locations in the past and found that mostly they just sat empty. We spend so much time at customer locations that we found that the best we could do to justify the offices was to make up reasons to visit them. Hardly a cost effective measure. We could make up some snarky comment about how this proves we "think outside the box" or "outside the building" as the case may be. In reality all it really means is we get to charge less and deliver more as we have a reduced overhead with no measurable change in service.

St Louis Office
(636) 669-2626

Chicago Office
(630) 442-8752

Corporate Address
Cane Technology Group, LTD.
PO Box 5116
Quincy, IL 62305